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Find here some information that may be helpful if you are interested in becoming a member of the Auditory Aging Team.

Prospective team members

Conducting our research is not a single-person enterprise but depends on our team members. We are always excited for people who are interested in our work and are motivated to join the lab.

  • ​Please read here, if you are interested in becoming a graduate student and work on auditory aging

  • If you are an undergraduate student and interested in volunteering, please read how to best contact Björn.

  • There are some skill that may help you to be successful within academic, but also outside of academia.


Attending to local, national, and international conferences is part of our work life that helps us to stay connected with other scientists and their work, present our own work and received feedback, and establish new networks and relationships. This link provides you with a list of conferences that we frequently attend or have attended in the past.

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