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Our research aims to understand how we engage in listening and communication as we age, what makes some people unable to engage, and what we can do to help them.

We focus on understanding how sounds are encoded in sensory systems, how cognitive processes support listening under challenges, and how sensation and cognition interact to shape listening experiences [AUDITORY FOUNDATION]. We aim to understand what happens in the brain when an individual develops hearing loss and how the associated difficulties in speech comprehension affect their everyday life. We further focus on the development of new approaches that enable us to detect and treat hearing loss earlier [AUDITORY VULNERABILITY].


We tackle these questions and research foci from different perspectives ranging from mechanistic neurophysiology to listening experiences in real social situations. We utilize a wide range of methods including electroencephalography, magnetoencephalography, eye-tracking, pupillometry, functional imaging, behavioral methods, psychophysics, and qualitative interviews.

If you are interested in specific projects either have a look at our projects page or browse through our publications. If you are interested in participating as a participant in our research, please get in touch by using this form.

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