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Older adults may be better at listening in noisy social settings than long thought

Featured paper:

Irsik VC, Johnsrude IS, Herrmann B (2022) Age-related deficits in dip-listening evident for isolated sentences but not for spoken stories. Scientific Reports 12:5898.

Online news coverage:;;

"Ever grumble about your grandpa's tendency to cheat during a spirited game of gin rummy; or mutter under your breath when grandma asks you to help clean the table at family dinner? Well, you might want to do it more quietly, because there's a good chance they can hear you better than you think. ..."

Aged brains are hyper-responsive to sound

Featured paper:

Herrmann B, Maess B, Johnsrude IS (2018) Aging affects adaptation to sound-level statistics in human auditory cortex. The Journal of Neuroscience 38:1989-1999.

Print coverage: London Free Press

"Trouble tuning out noise as you age? Blame your brain, not your ears. A new study from Western University says aging brains are more sensitive to all sounds ..."

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Brain synchronization with speech is altered in older adulthood