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Nearly all behavioral work requires a working knowledge of variables, if/then or for/while loops, counters, and basic variable manipulations. If you are interested in electrophysiology or neuroimaging work, then programming is important. It is difficult to complete a project during a Master’s thesis without some programming knowledge from the beginning or acquired early on. Acquire it as soon as possible. The specific language with which you are familiar is not so important, but Matlab or Python are good starting places; in my lab Matlab would be handy.

Debates about which programming language is the best to use have always been around. Currently it is often about Matlab vs. Python. See this insightful discussion regarding Matlab, Python, and Julia.


How to get started with MATLAB programming?

How to build an auditory experiment using PsychToolBox?

  • Example code for playing sounds (coming soon)

  • Example code for recording microphone data (coming soon)



​How to acquire signal processing skills?

How to analyze electrophysiological data?

​How to deal with complex numbers and circular data?

  • Read this tutorial to understand complex numbers

Other analysis problems and solutions:


  • A good collection of papers highlights important issues about statistical analysis in biology, psychology, and neuroscience.

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