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Example plots for two conditions:

Download matlab functions for plots two, three, four, and five. For plot three and six you will need the plotSpread functions.

The full code for the plots on the right can be downloaded here. It requires that you also download the functions mentioned above.

Video tutorials

  • Are you new to building scientific figures? In this section, you will find video tutorials about the basics on how to build scientific figures for your talks, posters, and manuscripts.

Brief theoretical overview (~18 min):

  • You will learn why scientific figure building is more than providing relevant information

  • You will be provided with examples about a few simple things you may want to look out for when building your figure

  • You will learn a little bit about vector graphics

Hands-on Inkscape tutorial (~26 min):

  • You will learn the basics on how to build a scientific figure using the vector graphics program Inkscape (free download here)

  • You may also download the pixel graphics program which can help with converting your final figure into a *.png or *.tiff file (free download here)


Visualizing data in a transparent, informative, and aesthetically pleasing way is important. Other researchers may remember your work better and this may, in turn, increase the impact of your work in the field. ​Learn what works well aesthetically. Spent as much time on data visualization and scientific figures as you do writing good paragraphs for your manuscript.

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