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Principal Investigator

I am interested in how our brains support hearing in younger and older adulthood. We use a wide range of behavioral, physiological, and brain recording tools (including psychophysics, pupillometry, EEG, MEG, fMRI). Before starting my Scientist and Assistant Professor position at the Rotman Research Institute and University of Toronto, I was a postdoc in the CONCH lab at Western University (Canada) and a postdoc in the Auditory Cognition lab at the Max Planck Institute CBS (Germany). I enjoy traveling, hanging out with good people, and playing squash. 

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Postdoctoral fellow

Signe is a postdoctoral fellow at the Rotman Research Institute. She obtained a PhD in Food Science from Aarhus University, Denmark, examining how sound and music influences eating behavior. Combining qualitative and quantitative methods, Signe brings insights on how to study auditory perception and its relation to everyday life experiences. Her current research explores experiential aspects of listening to podcasts and audiobooks among older adults with vision loss and how it can support wellbeing. Outside of work, Signe is a coffee nerd, bakes sourdough bread, and cruises around Toronto on her bike.



Postdoctoral fellow

Yue is a postdoctoral researcher at the Rotman Research Institute. Coming from a biomedical engineering background, she obtained a PhD in experimental psychology from the University of Munich (LMU), Germany. Her current research focuses on auditory perception in senior groups using both psychophysical and electrophysiological approaches. Her other research interests include interval timing, Bayesian optimization, and Absolute Pitch(AP) perception. She is a Radiohead nerd and amateur musician on classical piano and guitar.



Postdoctoral fellow

Yulia is a postdoctoral fellow at the Rotman Research Institute. She obtained a PhD in cognitive neuroscience from the University of Leipzig and the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Germany, where she investigated rhythmic neural entrainment to prosody in human speech. Her current research explores the perception and recall of naturalistic speech in younger and older adults, using a variety of behavioral, neuroimaging, and computational approaches. Outside work, Yulia is a fan of traveling and sci-fi movies and literature.



Graduate student

Geneva is a PhD student at UofT and the RRI being co-supervised by Drs. Björn Herrmann and Jennifer Ryan. She completed her BSc at York University in the Specialized Honours in Psychology program. Geneva is interested in researching how vision, listening, and cognitive processes integrate at the behavioural and neural level, with the aim to promote healthy aging. Her research involves eye-tracking, fMRI, behavioural testing, and computational models. Outside the lab, Geneva is either buried in the latest hot novel, starting a crochet project that will never be finished, or biking around Toronto's nature trails.



Graduate student

Ryan is a PhD student in psychology at the RRI and UofT. He completed his HBSc in Biological Physics, Mathematics, Psychology at UofT. Ryan is interested in learning about how humans listen and attend, and aims to understand how humans encode and retrieve events through memory networks within the auditory domain. Ryan was previously the Peer Mentor for the Victoria College First Year Learning Community where he facilitated community building and academic success. Beyond his work, Ryan is an avid traveller, enjoys playing tennis, and going for runs in the warm weather.



Graduate student

Eric (twitter: @mecui22) is a graduate student in psychology at the Rotman Research Institute and UofT, co-supervised by Björn and Dr. Allison Sekuler. He is interested in the interactions between bottom-up and top-down processing in humans, especially in the aging population, by using both behavioural and neuroimaging methods. He completed his HBSc at the Mississauga campus, where he studied age-related differences in visual perception and listening effort at the human communication lab. In addition to being an active researcher, he enjoys exploring new hiking trails around the GTA.



Graduate student

Frauke received her BSc in Medical Technology from the Universities of Tübingen and Stuttgart and her MSc in Auditory Technology from the University of Lübeck. During her master thesis in the Auditory Cognition group of Jonas Obleser at the University of Lübeck, she developed a fascination for the field of auditory neuroscience. Frauke is currently working on her PhD (supervised by Jonas and Björn). She is interested how different levels of attentional resource recruitment affect neural oscillations during listening, and the extent to which this oscillatory activity can be used as a marker of listening effort.



Research assistant

Sarah is a research assistant in the Auditory Aging lab. She completed her MSc in Neuroscience at Western University, where she investigated how spoken stories can be used as more naturalistic listening materials in studies of listening effort in children. Sarah is broadly interested in the cognitive processes behind listening and how these change over our lifespan, and she is excited to lend her support to the many ongoing research projects in the lab. Outside of the lab, Sarah enjoys knitting, baking, and playing in local bands.



Co-op student

Christie is a HBSc student at University of Toronto specializing in Cognitive Neuroscience. Throughout her three years at UofT, she has studied advanced research and data analysis methods. She is enthusiastic about working on hearing-related projects in the Auditory Aging Lab. In addition to studying at UofT, Christie also spent the past year working at Scarborough Health Network’s Mass Vaccination Clinic. She gained first-hand experience in helping her community to combat Covid-19. Apart from her strong interest in research, Christie enjoys spending time outdoors with her beloved dog and travelling with her family.



Honour's thesis student

Priya is a third year undergraduate student at University of Toronto completing a Specialist in Neuroscience under the Cognitive stream and a Minor in Psychology. As a member of the Auditory Aging lab, she is excited to contribute to research and interventions that may help people with hearing difficulties function better. Priya has completed advanced courses in research methods and programming and is currently also completing a Supervised Study in Neuroscience at the University of Toronto. In addition to research, she loves to read, browse bookstores and libraries, and meditate.



Co-op student

Saba is a third year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto majoring in Molecular Biology, Immunology and Disease + Population Health. She was previously a Research Assistant at a nutrition physiology lab and garnered clinical experience during the launch of the EMR Epic. She is thrilled to learn about the neurophysiology techniques used by the Auditory Aging lab and hopes to strengthen the knowledge of auditory processing. Besides science and research, she loves exploring museums, soul/r&b/hip-hop music, reading, and spending time with friends.

Research volunteers
  • Andrew Cole

Previous team members


Graduate students

  • Francesca Copelli (2021-2023)

Co-op students

  • Tiffany Lao: 2023

  • Tazeen Atif: 2022


  • Silvia Margarian: 2022-2023

  • Naman Sharma: 2021 - 2023

  • Garima Sharma: 2021 - 2022

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