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Local conferences

There are a few local, southern Ontario conferences, which may be especially appealing to undergraduate and early graduate trainees. They are fun conferences to gather first experiences without being overwhelming, and meet up with locals.

Canadian conferences

There are a national conferences, which may be especially suited to build a Canadian scientific network and community.

International conferences


There are probably more conferences out there that may be relevant to us. The ones listed here are a selection of conferences we frequently attend to or have attended to in the past.


Attending to conferences provides excellent opportunities to present your work, get feedback, and see what other research labs are up to. Conferences are also great to develop informal and formal networks. As a trainee, you may run into your future supervisor, external examiner, or fellow trainees from other institutions who may become friends, colleagues, collaborators, reviewers, etc. Below you find a list of conferences that may be relevant for the Auditory Aging team.

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