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Help another person with your used hearing aid

Many of us will develop some form of hearing impairment as we age and the prevalence of such impairments will only increase over the next (few) decades as our societies grow older. But hearing impairments are not limited to older adults: many children also live with hearing impairments. Some of the consequences of hearing impairment that affect all ages include difficulties with speech comprehension and decreased participation in everyday social activities.

Prescription of hearing aids is one of the most common treatments for hearing impairment: They improve a person's ability to hear by amplifying speech and suppressing less relevant background sounds. However, a hearing aid can be expensive and many people around the world who would benefit from one lack the financial means to purchase it. For a person with a hearing impairment, a hearing aid can mean a drastic increase in their quality of life.

If you own a hearing aid you no longer use (perhaps because you got a new one), others may still benefit from it. Donating your hearing aid can help another person - often a child - in your local community or in other parts of the world. Your donation means another person would benefit from it like you did.

The webpages of the small selection below link to places in Canada where you can donate your hearing aid. You can also find more local places to donate your hearing aid (google search: hearing+aid+donation+near+me):

~ Björn Herrmann ~


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